In the internet marketing arena, digital content rules the roosts. Hence, there are many e-businesses looking for writers who can deliver quality, unique and specifically created content to cater to their diverse requirements. Moreover, with recent changes in search engine algorithms, the focus of internet marketing has shifted from just content to relevant and quality content, which is obviously the forte of an experienced and professional writer. This is the prime reason why several companies opt for outsourcing their content requirements to freelance writers or content generating agencies that have the skill and experience to churn out great content in little time. If you are searching for a content writer, here are a few tips that will help you find the best writer to suit your need.

Experience and ability 

Writing an essay is completely different from writing professional content to suit the requirements of businesses. Hence, when hiring a writer the first thing to consider is the experience and then the ability of the candidate or the agency. Some of the most renowned content writing agencies have teams of professional writers and content editors who have years of experience in the industry and hence, completely understand its nuances. Therefore, when hiring the services of a content writer makes sure you ask samples from prospects and check how the write-up caters to the requirements of that particular client. A good quality write-up is the one that includes sub-headers, strong call to action, and short blocks of text that make it easy for the reader to consume

Style of writing

The problem with inexperienced content writers is that they fail to make the changes they have to in different types of writings. Writing a blog post is completely different from writing a press release. Only an experienced writer is able to decipher between two and make subtle yet effective changes in the write-ups to better cater to the requirements. Hence, when asking for samples, make sure you request samples of different types of content to better understand the skill and writing style of the prospect

Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization

A quality writer should be capable of writing content that is not just easy to read, but also easy for search engines to comprehend. Hence, such a writer will be able to optimize headlines for search engines and add keywords according to your requirements.


When hiring the services of a content writer or an agency, make sure that the prospect is always open for suggestions and ready to make revisions as many times as you want. An accomplished writer or a renowned content writing agency understands that your requirements might be precise and hence might require several revisions.


At present, there are several freelance marketplaces, where writers are willing to take up jobs for as little as a dollar for 500 words of content. Obviously, at this price you don’t get quality and unique content. Instead, most of the writers who write on these wages simply use spinning software to generate low-quality articles, which will not do any justice to your requirements. Always remember that search engines now want to see high quality content, which only professionals can write, and they will sure charge more for their expertise. Hence, if you want high quality, search engine optimized content, then be ready to pay a decent price as well.

30 Jun 2014